2nd European Proactive Law Conference 2011

The Law Department of Copenhagen Business School invites you to a two-day conference on proactive law

Torsdag, 1 december, 2011 (All day) to Fredag, 2 december, 2011 (All day)

Proactive Law in a Global Business Perspective

The Law Department of Copenhagen Business School invites you to a two-day conference on proactive law. The conference continues the series of Nordic conferences dedicated to the topic, in Helsinki, Finland (2003), Stockholm, Sweden (2005) and Turku, Finland (2007) and a symposium held in 2009 in Nancy, France.

In the corporate arena, the Proactive Law approach seeks to promote business success and prevent conflicts by taking early action. The goal is to provide clarity as to legal rights and duties, to maximize opportunities and to anticipate and avoid problems rather than addressing them after they arise. The approach, originating in the Nordic countries in the 1990s, develops and promotes good legal behavior but also prevents undesirable behavior and minimizes risk. The approach seeks to include legal considerations in the managerial process, embedding business-oriented legal thinking into corporate strategy, deals and relationships.

This year’s conference focuses on the proactive law approach in a global business perspective.

The conference introduces the approach and looks at it through the prism of three relevant topics. The first is international commercial litigation, where contractual management of litigation risk and transaction risk has gained attention of practitioners and academics alike. The second is new media and IT services where proactive compliance is the keyword for businesses who wish to maximize opportunities and minimize risks when entering the many new digital markets. The third are contracts where proactive contract management plays a key role in preventing contract performance problems.

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DKK 1300 or 175 EUR, includes lunch and refreshments.

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