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PhD Projekter

Igangværende PhD.-projekter:

Expert networks and corporate activism en Green Accounting StandardsAnnika Stenström
Succession Planning in family businesses: Promoting and inhibiting drivers of the future development and profitability af family businessCaroline Thøisen Larsen
Enviromental, Social and Economic Sustainability by Enterprise FoundationsDavid Jonas Schröder
Long-term orientation and commitment: a matter of ownership or strategy?Evgeniya Lipenko
Enabling financial decision makingJohanne Sophie Jost
The governance of green accounting reporting standards: exploring the prospects forSalomé Dugué
Limited Diversity in Accounting and Finance Career TracksSimone Hass Stavnsbo



Tidligere Ph.d.-projekter:

The impact of enforcement on financial reportingCarsten Olsen
International Transfer Pricing in Theory and PracticeChristian Plesner Rossing
Corporate responsibility and corporate scandals

Christina Kjær

Financial accounting => CSR => environmental reportingEven Fallan
Design, use and effectiveness of Management Control and ERP systemsJeanette Willert
Donor supported strategic alliances in developing countriesJeppe Christoffersen
More than a numbers game. Accounting for circular performance in collaborative initiatives in cities.
Justyna Agata Bekier

Jørgen Valther Hansen

Essays on Sources of Firm Risk

Kasper Regensburg Jønsson

Research interests are financial accounting and auditing with emphasis on both empirical methods and analytical models
Kim Pettersson
Quality of information: The role of internal controls and materiality
Leif Christensen
Company performance and executive compensation
Mark Bruun
In social and environmental accountingMia Kaspersen
Customer valuationMorten Holm
Digital infrastructure development in maritime trade: The role of blockchain technology and industry standards
Nikola Kostic
The implications of blockchain technology for inter-firm accounting and controlTomaz Sedej
Auditor’s going-concern reporting Nina Sormunen
Accounting for Financial Instruments in a Non-Modern World Richard Pucci
Financial analysts - the impact of personal characteristics on forecasting ability  Simone Stæhr
Industrial PhD at Coloplast/CBS. The focus of Thorbjørn’s work is the company’s usage of Value Based Management in operations management and supply chain managementThorbjørn Poulsen
The adoption of the impairment-only approach for purchased goodwill increases the accounting quality of reported goodwill compared to the widen-used amortization approachTonny Steinheim


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