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Lea Katharina
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Lea Katharina Reiss is a postdoctoral researcher and currently works as a research assistant at the Department of Organization at Copenhagen Business School and the Department of Management at WU Vienna. Lea is member of the editorial board of the Gender, Work, and Organization journal and leads its Queer Feminist Research Network.

Lea’s research revolves around how social inequalities unfold in working lives and organizational settings. In their most recent projects, Lea investigates phenomena related to feminist organizing, queer activism, intersectional inequality, vulnerability, and collective forms of resistance in the context of work and society.

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  • Master theses
Udvalgte publikationer
  • Reiss, L. K. & Dahlman, S. (in press). ‘I need you inside of me’: Gendered organizing of bodies in feminist pornography. Organization
  • Suzanne, P, A. & Reiss, L. K. (2023). The power of sharing with support: Exploring the process and roles involved in sharing vulnerability in solidarity. Gender, Work & Organization: 1–24. DOI:
  • Reiss, L. K., Schiffinger, M., Rapp, M. L., & Mayrhofer, W. (2023). Intersectional income inequality: a longitudinal study of class and gender effects on careers. Culture and Organization, 1-20. DOI: 10.1080/14759551.2023.2232505
  • Storm, K. I. L., Reiss, L. K., Günther, E., Clar, M., Muhr, S. (2023). Unconscious bias in the HRM literature: Towards a critical-reflexive approach. Human Resource Management Review, 100969. DOI:
  • Reiss, L. K., Kozhevnikov, A. and Muhr, S. L. (2021). Between vulnerability and resistance: How a woman copes with dramatic implications of COVID-19 in Russia. Gender, Work & Organization. 28(2), 574-586. DOI: