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I am a postdoctoral researcher in sociology. I am particularly interested in social inequalities and quantitative relational methods (sequence analysis, social network analysis, geometric data analysis). I am currently a guest research fellow at the Copenhagen Business School, with an 18-month grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation for the period May 2019-December 2020. Before that I did my PhD at the University of Lausanne, and worked for a year and a half as a postdoctoral researcher there.

I have three main axes of research. 1) I focus on the structure of scientific fields, particularly on economics. I study careers and networks of economics professors. I am currently co-editing a collective book under contract with Routledge called "The power and influence of economists: contributions to the Social Studies of Economics", scheduled to be published in 2020. 2) I work on relations among elite groups and elite coordination. I am funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation to uncover power relations among Swiss elites, identify a particularly integrated core within the Swiss elite network, namely the "power elite", and describe the evolution of the composition of its members between 1910 and 2015. My colleagues from CBS and I are also working on developing new methods and concepts in the comparison of power elites at the European level. 3) I focus on social movements and the biographical consequences of activism. I currently collaborate on the life course of activists who were involved in the May 68 movements in France. We primarily focus on the interactions between different life spheres of leftist, unionist and feminist activists, particularly on their involvement in different movements, their educational and occupational career, and their affective life. We are working on a book on the topic.



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