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Visiting Scholar, Associate Professor
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Primary Research Area

Critical management and organization studies (incl. discursive, CCO and post-psychological approaches)

(Dis)Organizing processes & power, resistance, identity, temporality
Public governance, public policy and service innovation, welfare management
Qualitative methods, ethnography, explorative methodology

Short Presentation and Research Interests

Mie Plotnikof, PhD, Associate Professor, Research Programme of Policy Futures, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University.
Mie Plotnikof is a visiting scholar at CBS as part of the VELUX projet 'The Temporality of Innovation'. 
Based within critical management and organization studies, Mie's overall research interest concerns (dis)organizing processes in relation to issues of power, resistance, identity, and temporality within the public sector, in particular the education area. Her work focuses on dominant governance discourses (e.g. new public management and new public governance) as well as more marginal organizational discourses, more specifically she studies how such are constitutive of and appropriated by new, changing and competing political, organizational and managerial practices in the construction of local realities. 
Mie is also part of the editorial collective of the journal ephemera, and engages in international research collaborations with scholars based in, e.g., USA, the Netherlands, and UK. 

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Selected Publications

Mumby, D., & Plotnikof, M. (2019). Organizing Power and Resistance: From Coercion, to Consent, to Governmentality. In J. McDonald & R. Mitra (Eds.), Movements in Organizational Communication Research: Current Issues and Future Directions. New York: Routledge.

Plotnikof, M. (2016). Changing market values? Tensions of contradicting public management discourses: A case from the Danish daycare sector. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 29(7), 659–674. 

Plotnikof, M. (2016). Letting go of Managing? Struggles over Managerial Roles in Collaborative Governance. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, 6(SI), 109–128.

Plotnikof, M. (2015). Negotiating collaborative governance designs: a discursive approach. The Innovation Journal, 20(3), 1–20.

Vaaben, N. & Plotnikof, M. (eds.) (2019): Tid til Velfærd? Tidsorganiseringer i velfærdsprofessionerne. Hans Reitzel Forlag. 

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