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Kathrine Møller

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kathrine møller solgaard

Creating viable person-job fits through personnel recruitment, search, and selection practices are a prerequisite for every organization or company to endure, prosper, and succeed. However, the process of recruiting and selecting new candidates is often challenged by the rituals, standards, and tools that assist and confine the recruitment processes. The hypothesis of this project is that the search and selection practices imply that candidates and companies are relatively static entities, and that this often turns out as an obstacle to achieve productive person-job fits.

Inspired by the practice research tradition the project aims at creating dialogue with practice, and it will articulate process theoretically informed models of and for search and selection practices. The practices are explored as processes in which candidates and companies change, adapt, develop, and are created, and it will be explored how this continues in and interacts with the following person-job-fit. The working title of the research project is: Recruiting emerging subjects - a process theoretical exploration of selection practices.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Organizational entries
  • Co-emergence of person-job fits
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Kathrine Møller Solgaard; Morten Nissen / The Potentials of a Dialogical Reframing of Personality Testing in Hiring
I: International Review of Theoretical Psychologies, Vol. 1, Nr. 2, 2021, s. 104-122
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Kathrine Solgaard Sørensen / Co-Emergence in Recruitment : How New Possibilities are Nurtured and Arise from Mainstream Organizational Practices.
I: Abstract book: ISTP Conference 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen : Danish School of Education 2019, 1 s., s. 242
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