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Katrine Maria

Kontor: KIL/14.A-4.44
In my PhD project, I focus on value-creation in renewable energy multinational companies (RE MNCs) and on how the global energy transition affects states, industry and companies. My research interest lies within the nexus of International Business, Economic Geography 
and Innovation Studies.
Prior to my doctoral studies, I worked several years for the United Nations (UNEP) in Kenya, Switzerland, and Haiti on sustainable development, energy, and environment. Most recently, as project manager for a sustainable energy project in Haiti. Before this assignment, I 
worked with the Special Advisor on the UN Sustainable Development Goals to incorporate climate and environment issues in the 2030 Agenda. Before joining the UN, I worked as official in the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building.
I hold a Master of Science in Business and Development Studies ( from CBS, a CEMS Master of International Management from CBS and ESADE Business School, and a BSc. in Business, Language and Culture.
Primære forskningsområder
-          Value-creation in the renewable energy industry
-          Political economy of energy
-          Neo-institutionalism
-          Sustainable development and development intervention
-          Energy in developing countries and post-conflict settings
Curriculum Vitae
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