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Kontor: KIL/14.A-3.49
E-mail: hbu.ioa@cbs.dk

Most of my research revolves around issues related to the public and private regulation of competition. The profound changes in how public authorities regulate competition is for instance analysed, from the vantage point of a critical political economy perspective underpinned by critical realism, in The Politics of European Competition Regulation from 2011 (co-authored by Angela Wigger). As for the private regulation of competition, my research focuses on how companies use corporate networks to control markets.

Through this work I have developed a wider interest in how transformations in political-economic contexts shape – and are shaped by – the evolution of elite networks. In the years to come I will, together with a group of great colleagues, explore this matter as the principle investigator of Longitudinal Elite Networks (LONGLINKS), a research project funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

Another main interest is what it would take for our societies in the rich parts of the world to become genuinely environmentally sustainable. I study this issue by cross-fertilising insights from political economy and degrowth scholarship.

Primære forskningsområder

•    Corporate networks and elites
•    The public and private regulation of competition
•    Environmental sustainability and degrowth
•    European political economy
•    Philosophies of social science, esp. critical realism

Curriculum Vitae
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•    Comparative political economy (IBP, 2nd year, mandatory)
•    Philosophies of Social Science and Second Year Project (IBP, 2nd year, mandatory)
•    Danmark i et komparativt perspektiv (EB, 1st year, mandatory)


I supervise projects/theses dealing with topics related to the above research areas.

Udvalgte publikationer

2018: ‘The Prerequisites for a Degrowth Paradigm Shift: Insights from Critical Political Economy’, Ecological Economics, Vol. 146, pp. 157-163.

2016: Karteller - Afsløringen af aftalt spil i dansk erhvervsliv, København: Gyldendal Business.

2015: ‘The Scale and Geography of Collusion in the European Market: A Longitudinal View’, JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies (with C. Levallois)

2014: ‘Capitalist diversity and degrowth trajectories to steady-state economies’, Ecological Economics, Vol. 106, pp. 173-179.

2014: ‘Interlocking directorates and collusion: an empirical analysis’, International Sociology, Vol. 29, No 3, pp. 249-267.

2011: The Politics of European Competition Regulation. A Critical Political Economy Perspective, London and New York: Routledge (RIPE Series in Global Political Economy) (with A. Wigger).

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Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
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