PhD defence: Lise Dahl Arvedsen

In order to obtain the PhD degree, Lise Dahl Arvedsen has submitted her thesis entitled: Leadership in interaction in a virtual context A study of the role of leadership processes in a complex context, and how such processes are accomplished in practice

Torsdag, 22 april, 2021 - 11:00 to 13:00

Lise Dahl Arvedsen

During the last few decades, technology has increasingly impacted how we collaborate. While technology enables communication and collaboration across geographical distances, it also has important implications for relationships and interactions. In particular, it has implications for how leadership is accomplished, as the virtual context in itself imposes certain challenges for the interaction. A number of previous studies have focused on leadership in interaction and have, through micro-studies, shed light on how leadership is accomplished within mundane, everyday work collaboration. Through recordings of virtual meetings from eight different teams in five different companies, ethnomethodological coding of these meetings, and fine-grained conversation analysis, this dissertation sheds light on how leadership is accomplished in a virtual context, as well as the role of leadership in this complex context.

Primary Supervisor:

Associate professor Magnus Larsson
Department of Organization
Copenhagen Business School
Secondary Supervisor:
Associate Professor Birte Asmuß
Department of Management
Aarhus University
Assessment Committee:
Professor Dennis Schoeneborn (Chair)
Departmen of Management, Society and Communication
Copenhagen Business School
Professor Niki Pantelli
School of Business and Management
Royal Holloway, University of London
Associate Professor Dorien Van Der Mieroop
Faculty of Arts
KU Leuven

The thesis will be available from
*Please note in connection with the online defence that the microphone and camera of all spectators must be turned off!


Organised by CBS PhD School
Date 22 April 2021
Time 11:00 - 13:00


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