Invitation to seminar

With Tim Dartington, The Tavistock Institute.

Tirsdag, 11 oktober, 2011 - 15:00 to 17:00

The usefulness of theory in consultancy: basic assumptions and primary task

With Tim Dartington, The Tavistock Institute.

 The seminar will be introduced by Paul du Gay.

The consultant to organizations is also a social scientist, using a position of trust in a helping relationship to draw on and develop further our understanding of how groups and organizations work. As a social scientist we are interested equally in what works well and what does not: as a consultant we are committed to working with others in finding more effecting ways of achieving their aims. As a Tavistock consultant I use certain theories to carry out both roles. In this seminar I will focus on some‘classic’ theories, specially from Bion and from Miller and Rice, with reference to group relations conferences and consultancy with human service organizations.I will refer in particular to work with health systems, and the influence of Isabel Menzies Lyth.

Finally I will want to explore the subjectivity of experience, and processes of transference and projective identification, with reference to my book: Managing Vulnerability, the underlying dynamics of systems of care, (2010, Karnac).

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