Imagine.. seminar by Amélie Boutinot

"Reputational Interactions in Creative Industries: The Case of Contemporary French Architects"

Onsdag, 28 marts, 2012 - 14:00 to 16:00

Reputational Interactions in Creative Industries: The Case of Contemporary French Architects

Reputation-building is a difficult process, but one that is vital to survive and improve career paths in creative industries. One reason artists face difficulties is that reputation-building may lack of clarity in the relationships between the various and apparently distinct kinds of reputation an artist can have. This paper suggests understanding better the way several kinds of reputations are built and combined in creative industries. Our structural model results, based on a sample of 103 contemporary French architects, indicate that the specific reputations an artist can acquire are inter-constituted and interact with each other. Thanks to our empirical study, we contribute to reputation and creative industries literatures.

Keywords: Reputation; Architecture; Creative Industries

Pr Amelie Boutinot recently received her PhD from Grenoble University. She is currently doing a post-doc at Grenoble Ecole de Management and visiting Cambridge Judge Business School. Her research focuses on recognition-building in creative industries, and more precisely in the contemporary French architecture. 

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The seminar is free of charge and for everyone who might be interested - academics or practitioners alike.

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