Eva Boxenbaum Inaugural Lecture

Crafting Institutional Innovation by Eva Boxenbaum

Tirsdag, 10 juni, 2014 - 14:00 to 15:30

Institutional innovations are new beliefs, norms, practices and organizational forms that eventually come to be widely perceived as obvious and rational solutions to a variety of organizational and societal problems. Some of the current institutional innovations are well on their way to fundamentally shape organizational life of the future. This inaugural lecture presents a research program that aims to shed light on how embedded individuals, through their cognitive and sensory functions, contribute to crafting institutional innovations.

The lecture presents three features of this research program. First, it looks at how selected elements from cognitive science, cognitive psychology, and literary studies can help articulate the cognitive ‘nano-processes’ of embedded agency. Second, the lecture explores how visual and material communication, in combination with linguistic expression, enables individuals to perceive novelty and integrate it into their existing repertoire. Third, the lecture examines how the formation of legal categories enables institutional innovations to shape organizational practice.

At the end of the inaugural lecture, Professor Kristian Kreiner reflects on the research program and invites contributions from the audience in the spirit of institutional innovation.

Please register at seminar.cbs@cbs.dk.


14:00  Welcome and Introduction by Peter Kjær, Head of Department of Organization

14:15  Inaugural Lecture by Eva Boxenbaum

15:00  Reflexion and debate; facilitated by professor Kristian Kreiner

15:30  Reception at the Department of Organization, Kilen 4th floor


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