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MA (Honours), Cand.pæd.ant

Kontor: POR/18.B-3.127
Stefanie Hansen Steinbeck

I am an educational anthropologist exploring the world(s) of museums. I am particularly interested in visitor experiences and a central theme in my research is our embodied meaning-making experiences when meeting historical pasts. I am particularly interested in qualitative methodology, especially ethnographic, visual and sensory methods. Furthermore, I am interested in how museums incorporate the interpretations, narratives, and experiences of underrepresented groups in museum exhibitions and activities

As a PhD Fellow, my project researches children as museum users through an ethnographic approach at the Danish Workers Museum. I am particularly interested in children’s physical encounters with representations of the past and how children’s perspectives are incorporated into the curation of historical pasts by the museum.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Tourism, museums and heritage sites
  • Ethnographic and visual research methods
  • Authenticity, affect and materiality in heritage management
  • Children’s perspectives
  • Ethics and inclusion
Sociale medier
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  • Sustainable Tourism Supply and Innovation, BSc in Business Administration and Service Management
  • Service Management Foundations, BSc in Business Administration and Service Management
  • Cultural Analysis and Consumer Culture Studies, BSc in Business Administration & Market Dynamics and Cultural Analysis
  • The Epistemologies of the Social Sciences, BSc in Business Administration and Organisational Communication



I supervise any project related to the following areas: tourism, museums, embodiment, blended learning, meaning-making, childhood studies, art and cultural heritage management, inclusion, post-colonialism, intersectionality, critical spatial theory, multimodality, internationalization and globalization, critical identity studies

Projects and/or theses should employ a qualitative approach.


Publikationer sorteret efter:
Martin Brandt Djupdræt; Stefanie Hansen Steinbeck / Hvordan bliver museerne brugt?
I: Danske Museer, Vol. 34, Nr. Vinter, 2021, s. 54-55

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