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Kristian Bondo
cand.merc.(fil.), PhD

Kontor: POR/18.B-2.146
, Mobil:
+45 2982 9297
E-mail: kbh.mpp@cbs.dk
Kristian Bondo Hansen

I am an Assistant Professor on the ERC funded interdisciplinary research project ‘Algorithmic Finance: Inquiring into the reshaping of financial markets’. My research focuses on the use of technology in finance; more specifically, the use of machine learning algorithms in investment management and trading firms. I study human-machine interactions and the implications introducing sophisticated machine learning techniques have on practices of trading and managing investments.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Social studies of finance
  • Intellectual history
  • Sociology of ideas
Curriculum Vitae
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Udvalgte publikationer

Kristian Bondo Hansen: ‘The virtue of simplicity: On machine learning models in algorithmic trading’. Big Data & Society (forthcoming)

Daniel Souleles and Kristian Bondo Hansen: ‘Can they all be ‘Shit-heads’?: learning to be a contrarian investor’. Journal of Cultural Economy, 12(6), 2019: 491–507.

Christian Borch and Kristian Bondo Hansen: ‘Market Mimesis: Imitation, Contagion, and Suggestion in Financial Markets’, in: Imitation, Contagion, and Suggestion: On Mimesis and Society. C. Borch (ed.), Abingdon: Routledge, 2019: 91–106.

Kristian Bondo Hansen: ‘Contrarian investment philosophy in the American stock market: on investment advice and the crowd conundrum’. Economy & Society, 44(4), 2015: 616–638.

Christian Borch, Kristian Bondo Hansen and Ann-Christina Lange: ‘Markets, bodies, and rhythms: A rhythmanalysis of financial markets from open-outcry trading to high-frequency trading’. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 33(6), 2015: 1080–1097

Publikationer sorteret efter:
Kristian Bondo Hansen / Model Talk : Calculative Cultures in Quantitative Finance.
I: Science, Technology & Human Values, 22.7.2020
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Kristian Bondo Hansen / The Virtue of Simplicity : On Machine Learning Models in Algorithmic Trading.
I: Big Data & Society, Vol. 7, Nr. 1, 1.2020
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Daniel Souleles; Kristian Bondo Hansen / Can They all be ‘Shit-heads’? : Learning to be a Contrarian Investor.
I: Journal of Cultural Economy, Vol. 12, Nr. 6, 12.2019, s. 491-507
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Kristian Bondo Hansen / Do Quants Dream of Autonomous Algos? : Calculative Pragmatism in Quantitative Investing.
Abstract from SASE 31st Annual Conference 2019, 2019, s. 1
Konferenceabstrakt til konference > peer review
Kristian Bondo Hansen / Handling Complex Financial Models : The Virtue of Simplicity .
Abstract from 4th Annual Conference of the Finance and Society Network. FSN 2019, 2019, s. 1
Konferenceabstrakt til konference > peer review
Kristian Bondo Hansen; Christian Borch / Market Mimesis : Imitation, Contagion, and Suggestion in Financial Markets.
I: Imitation, Contagion, Suggestion: On Mimesis and Society. . red. /Christian Borch. Abingdon : Routledge 2019, s. 91-106 (CRESC. Culture, Economy and the Social)
Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
Kristian Bondo Hansen / Weird Science and Datafication
I: Ephemera: Theory & politics in organization, Vol. 19, Nr. 1, 2019, s. 193-202
Kristian Bondo Hansen / Abductive Reasoning in Quantitative Finance
Abstract from Futures of Finance and Society 2018, 2018
Konferenceabstrakt til konference > peer review
Kristian Bondo Hansen / A Historical Perspective on Contagion in Financial Markets
Paper presented at The 24th Nordic Academy of Management Conference, 2017
Paper > peer review
Kristian Bondo Hansen / Crowds and Speculation : A Study of Crowd Phenomena in the U.S. Financial Markets 1890 to 1940.
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School [Phd] 2017, 255 s. (PhD series, Nr. 26.2017)
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