Department of International Economics, Government and Business

Tam Thanh

Kontor: POR/24.B-4.71

Thanh Tam Nguyen is Vietnamese and employed by the CBS to participate in the research project Innovating Vietnam’s TVET System for Sustainable Growth (VIETSKILL). Before joining the CBS, she worked for law firms and at Hanoi Law University (HLU) in Viet Nam for over 20 years as lecturer, senior lecturer, Associate Professor and Dean of the Faculty of International Trade and Business Law. She also managed various international cooperation activities at the HLU, in particular the EU-Viet Nam trade support projects for 9 years. She is interested in connecting EU and Nordic businesses with Vietnamese businesses through her coming academic research as well as policy and legal advice.

Primære forskningsområder
  • International economic relations
  • International trade and business law
  • International investment law
  • Interdisciplinary research relating to investor-State relations
  • Foreign trade policy and law of Viet Nam
  • Human resource training and capacity building
Curriculum Vitae
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Udvalgte publikationer

Nguyen Thanh Tam, Claudio Dordi (2017). International Investment Law (Bilingual textbook of Hanoi Law University financed by the EU-Viet Nam Trade Policy and Investment Support Project). Youth Publishing House. Co-editor and co-author. Author of Chapter Nine (Investor-State Contracts) and Chapter Twelve (Viet Nam’s ISDS).

Surya Subedi (2017). International Trade and Business Law (Bilingual textbook of Hanoi Law University financed by the EU-Viet Nam Trade Policy and Investment Support Project). 3rd ed. Youth Publishing House. Co-author of Chapter One, Chapter Three-Section One and Section Two, Chapter Four-Section Three.

Nguyen Thanh Tam (2016). On “New Generation” FTAs. Education and Society Journal, No. 61 (122). (written in Vietnamese).

Nguyen Thanh Tam (2016). The Trends of Harmonizing Contract Law at the Regional Level. Industry and Trade Review (4) (written in Vietnamese).

Nguyen Thanh Tam (2013). The World Trade Organization’s (WTO’s) Impact on the Law and the Policy of Vietnam from 2007 onwards. ASLI Working Paper Series, National University of Singapore.

Nguyen Thanh Tam (2008). Do We Need A Common Competition Policy and Law for ASEAN in the Context of ASEAN Economic Community by 2015? Democracy and Law (10) (written in Vietnamese).

Nguyen Thanh Tam (2007). Development of Industrial Property Law During Reform and International Integration”, Vietnam Law & Legal Forum (149). 

Nguyen Thanh Tam (2007). Gender Issues in the Curricula of Law Universities in the World. Jurisprudence Journal, Special Issue on Women (3) (written in Vietnamese).

Nguyen Thanh Tam (2006). Industrial Property Rights in Commercial Activities. Judicial Publishing House. (monograph written in Vietnamese).

Nguyen Thanh Tam (2002). The US Law on Foreign Economic Relations. Vietnam Trade Review (36) (written in Vietnamese).





2019: Guest researcher at Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS), University of Copenhagen (short-term and unpaid)