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Kontor: POR/24.A-1.77
E-mail: jf.egb@cbs.dk

I have a broad interest in labour market integration and the role of state regulation, business interests and employee preferences. I specialize in the intersection between labour migration and industrial relations, having carried out research in such areas as labour-management cooperation, intra-EU labour migration, comparative welfare state and labour market models and non-standard employment. In all cases, my work has had a focus on labour market integration, combining cross-disciplinary theory and quantitative and qualitative data sources and methods.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Labour migration
  • Labour market integration
  • Industrial relations
  • Comparative labour market studies
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Research Design and Quantitative Methods


I am open to any form of relevant supervision

Udvalgte publikationer

Larsen, T.P., Ilsoe, A. & Felbo-Kolding, J. 2019. Part-time employment in Danish private services: Work-life balance or wage flexibility. In Nicolaisen, H., Kavli, H. & Jensen, R.S. Dualization of part-time work – the new normal? Polity Press

Felbo-Kolding, J. 2018. Labour market integration – On the multiple dimensions of immigrant labour market integration. PhD Dissertation, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology

Felbo-Kolding, J., Leschke, J. & Spreckelsen, T. 2018. Labour market segmentation by region of origin: The case of intra-EU migrants in the UK, Germany and Denmark. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Ilsoe, A. & Felbo-Kolding, J. 2018. The role of physical space in labour-management cooperation: A microsociological study in Danish retail. Economic and Industrial Democracy,

Ilsoe, A., Larsen, T.P., Felbo-Kolding, J. 2017. Living hours under pressure: flexibility loopholes in the Danish IR-model. Employee Relations 39 (6): 888-902

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Jonas Felbo-Kolding; Janine Leschke; Thees F. Spreckelsen / A Division of Labour? : Labour Market Segmentation by Region of Origin: The Case of Intra-EU Migrants in the UK, Germany and Denmark.
I: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol. 45, Nr. 15, 12.2019, s. 2820-2843
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Jonas Felbo-Kolding / Central- og østeuropæiske arbejdsmigranters integration på det danske arbejdsmarked
København : Københavns Universitet 2019, 57 s. (FAOS Forskningsnotat, Nr. 168)
Trine P. Larsen; Anna Ilsøe; Jonas Felbo-Kolding / Part-Time Work in Danish Private Services : A (Mis)Match between Wage Flexibility and Living Hours.
I: Dualisation of Part-Time Work: The Development of Labour Market Insiders and Outsiders. . red. /Heidi Nicolaisen; Hanne Cecilie Kavli; Ragnhild Steen Jensen. Bristol : Policy Press 2019, s. 133-157 (Research in Comparative and Global Social Policy)
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