Department of International Economics, Government and Business

Teaching Assistant
+45 27 93 69 66

Presentation and academic fields

I am a dynamic, empathic and reliable professional, with a strong international education and a rich background in international management and teaching.

I am driven by the inner desire to help the international community I live in and I have nearly 10 years of experience into working with people leadership and teaching students both in Denmark and abroad.

I am a certified coach and process consultant, as well as a professional Cambridge preparatory.

I own a MSc. in Leadership and Management studies, one in CEMS International Management from the Community of Global Management Alliance and a BA in Social Communication and Public Relations. 

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

For the list of supervisors for the BSc ASP Bachelor Projects 2018

And for 1st and 2nd year projects

Specialty core areas

·        Certified coach and process consultant

·        IB teaching wide experience, CBS CEMS MSc Alumni


·        IB theory, entry modes, types of markets

·        Internationalization of the firm strategies

·        Change management practices, frameworks and theories

·        Intercultural management, cultural and national values analysis

·        International business management

·        MNCs and FDI in emerging markets, BRIC countries, privatization

·        Strategic risk management

·        Corporate governance, HQ-subsidiaries communication

·        Eastern European markets growth, corruption and politics influence

·        Innovation and business development

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