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My research interests span the broad areas of corporate governance, and international business and economics. In corporate governance my research focuses on the role and impact of ownership types and board of directors, and the role of national governance bundles on firm operations in developed, developing and emerging economies. In international business and economics my interests cover a host of issues such as the organizational dynamics of multinational enterprises, the home and host country impacts of multinational enterprise activities, the interrelation between international trade and foreign direct investment, and the political economy of trade and investment flows.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Boards of Directors
  • Ownership and ownership dynamics
  • Governance of multinational enterprises
  • Firm internationalization, and pattern of trade and foreign direct investment
  • Emerging markets
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Statistical Analysis of Business and Economic Data (Master level course)
Business Research Methods (Bachelor level course)
Analysis of International Industries and Competition (Master level course)


I supervise students writing theses in the areas of corporate governance, international business and economics.

Udvalgte publikationer
  • Oladottir, A. D., Hobdari, B., Papanastassiou, M., Pearce, R., & Sinani, E. (2012). Strategic Complexity and Global Expansion: An Empirical Study of Newcomer Multinational Corporations from Small Economies. Journal of World Business, 47(4), 686-695.
  • Gammeltoft, P., Filatotchev, I., & Hobdari, B. (2012). Emerging Multinational Companies and Strategic Fit: A Contingency Framework and Future Research Agenda. European Management Journal, 30(3), 175-188.
  • Mahnke, V., Ambos, B., Nell, P. C., & Hobdari, B. (2012). How Do Regional Headquarters Influence Corporate Decisions in Networked MNCs? Journal of International Management, 18(3), 293-301.
  • Hobdari, B., Jones, D., & Mygind, N. (2010). Corporate Governance and Liquidity Constraints: A Dynamic Analysis. Comparative Economic Studies, 52(1), 82-103.
  • Hobdari, B. (2008). Insider Ownership and Capital Constraints: An Empirical Investigation of Credit Rationing Hypothesis in Estonia. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 16(6), 536-549.
Publikationer sorteret efter:
Victor Zitian Chen; Bersant Hobdari; Franz Kellermanns; Anne Sluhan / For Love or Money? : Family versus Financial Blockholders in International Acquisitions.
I: Corporate Governance: An International Review, Vol. 30, Nr. 2, 3.2022, s. 140-160
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Erik Strøjer Madsen; Jens Gammelgaard; Bersant Hobdari / Introduction : Interaction Between Institutions and Governance Management in the Brewing Industry.
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Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
Erik Strøjer Madsen (Redaktør) ; Jens Gammelgaard (Redaktør) ; Bersant Hobdari (Redaktør) / New Developments in the Brewing Industry : The Role of Institutions and Ownership.
Oxford : Oxford University Press 2020, 352 s.
Antologi > peer review
Bersant Hobdari; Lars Ohnemus / Udenlandske bestyrelsesmedlemmer og virksomheders internationalisering
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Bidrag til bog/antologi
Victor Zitian Chen; Bersant Hobdari; Yilei Zhang / Blockholder Heterogeneity and Conflicts in Cross-border Acquisitions
I: Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol. 57, 8.2019, s. 86-101
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Stephen Zamore; Kwame Ohene Djan; Ilan Alon; Bersant Hobdari / Credit Risk Research : Review and Agenda.
I: Emerging Markets Finance & Trade, Vol. 54, Nr. 4, 2018, s. 811-835
Review artikel > peer review
Daniel Shapiro (Redaktør) ; Bersant Hobdari (Redaktør) ; Chang Hoon Oh (Redaktør) ; Mike W. Peng (Redaktør) / Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development in the Extractive and Natural Resource Sectors
Amsterdam : Elsevier 2018, 92 s. (Journal of World Business, Nr. 1, Vol. 53)
Antologi > peer review
Daniel Shapiro; Bersant Hobdari; Chang Hoon Oh / Natural Resources, Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development
I: Journal of World Business, Vol. 53, Nr. 1, 2018, s. 1-14
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Peter Gammeltoft; Bersant Hobdari / Emerging Market Multinationals : International Knowledge Flows and Innovation.
I: International Journal of Technology Management, Vol. 74, Nr. 1-4, 2017, s. 1-22
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Bersant Hobdari; Peter Gammeltoft; Jing Li; Klaus E. Meyer / The Home Country of the MNE : The Case of Emerging Economy Firms.
I: Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Vol. 34, Nr. 1, 3.2017, s. 1-17
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
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