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Jan Damsgaard

Professor Jan Damsgaard (JD) is head of department of Digitalization at CBS. In 2014 the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences appointed JD to national Digital Advisor (Digital Vismand). JD holds a Ph.D. in Information Systems and a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Psychology. His research focuses on the digital transformation of businesses for example by the mobile phone or the Internet. JD has worked and done research at several institutions in the USA, China, Finland and Australia. JD is often invited to give presentations and organize workshops. JD also consults on IT innovation and business transformation.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Diffusion and adoption of networked information technology
  • Innovative business models and strategies for business transformation
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Payment infrastructures as multi-sided platforms
  • Management of standard software and cloud computing
Curriculum Vitae
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Implementation and strategy for innovative information technologies

Udvalgte publikationer
Publikationer sorteret efter:
Jan Damsgaard; Jonas Hedman / Mobile Services Revisited : An Analysis of ICMB 2006.
Frederiksberg : Center for Applied ICT (CAICT), CBS 2009, 17 s. (CAICT Communications, Nr. 2009/2)
Working paper
Heidi Tscherning; Jan Damsgaard / Understanding the Diffusion and Adoption of Telecommunication Innovations : What we Know and What we Don't Know.
I: IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, Vol. 287, 2008, s. 39-60
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Ping Gao; Jan Damsgaard / A Framework for Understanding Mobile Telecommunications Market Innovation : A Case of China.
I: Journal of Electronic Commerce Research (Online Edition), Vol. 8, Nr. 3, 2007, s. 184-195
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Helle Zinner Henriksen; Jan Damsgaard / Dawn of e-government : An institutional analysis of seven initiatives and their impact.
I: Journal of Information Technology, Nr. 22, 2007, s. 13-23
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Ioanna D. Constantiou; Jan Damsgaard; Lars Knutsen / The Four Incremental Steps Toward Advanced Mobile Service Adoption : Exploring mobile device user adoption patterns and market segmentation.
I: Communications of the ACM, Vol. 50, Nr. 6, 2007, s. 51-55
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Jan Damsgaard; Carol Kelleher / What drives the innovation, diffusion and adoption of mobile services? : An analysis of four alternative studies.
I: Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Global Mobility Roundtable. June 1-2, 2007, Marriott Hotel, Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, CA2007
Konferencebidrag i proceedings > peer review
Ioanna Constantiou; Jan Damsgaard; Lars Knutsen / Exploring perceptions and use of mobile services : User differences in an advancing market.
I: International Journal of Mobile Communications, Vol. 4, Nr. 3, 2006, s. 231-247
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Jennifer Blechar; Ioanna Constantiou; Jan Damsgaard / Exploring the influence of reference situations and reference pricing on mobile service user behaviour
I: European Journal of Information Systems, Vol. 15, Nr. 3, 2006, s. 285-291
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Jennifer Blechar; Ioanna Constantiou; Jan Damsgaard / Key Attributes and the Use of Advances Mobile Service : Lessons Learned from a Field Study.
I: Handbook of Research on Mobile Multimedia. red. /Ismail Khalil Ibrahim. 2006, s. 119-127
Bidrag til bog/antologi
Jan Damsgaard; Youngjin Yoo / Proceedings of the International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB 2006) : M-business Revisited. From Speculation to Reality.
Los Alamos, CA : IEEE 2006, 1 s.
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