Position 3: Full Professorship of Marketing at the Department of Marketing, Copenhagen Business School


Position 3: Full Professorship of Marketing at the Department of Marketing, Copenhagen Business School

Based in architecturally beautiful buildings in central Copenhagen, the Department of Marketing is a leading provider of excellent research-based education. This is an exciting time for us, as we celebrated recently our 100th anniversary. Our newly revised strategy is unashamedly ambitious. Our goal is to be the undisputed leader in marketing education in Scandinavia and a leading marketing department on a European level, held in high esteem in terms of our research and education. Our mission is to deliver excellent research-led education to an international audience at all levels, and to engage with business and society.

Faculty members are committed to rigorous theory development and theory-driven, empirical research—outcomes that are central goals for any reputed business school. The Department focuses on contributing to a holistic understanding of the interactions and activities in the marketplace. Thus, our research focuses on marketing, yet we draw on other academic disciplines to the extent that they improve the quality of our marketing research. We accordingly publish in both marketing and other relevant journals contained within the AJG ranking list. The research of the Department covers broad areas (often cross-disciplinary) in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing, for example, brand marketing management, circular economy and sustainability, corporate social responsibility, decision neuroscience, design management, international marketing, market orientation, product innovation management, relationship marketing, strategic marketing, tourism and destination marketing, and trust. Faculty members use a wide range of methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative.

Through our research-based teaching, we contribute across a palette of courses and programs in the Business School including brand marketing management, business-to-business marketing, consumer behavior, design, international marketing, marketing management, marketing performance, relationship marketing, and tourism marketing.

Indicative job duties and responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the advertised full professorship position is research and teaching in marketing and development tasks in relation to marketing courses and programs. We are particularly interested in candidates with research and teaching achievements in sales management. An active engagement to strengthen the relationship with (and to brand the Department and CBS in) business and society and to initiate and participate in external funding all is expected as an integral part of this position.

The intention of the below list of job duties and responsibilities only is to describe the general nature of the advertised position:

• Personal research output, which meets high international standards including publishing in high-quality journals (cf. AJG 4/4*-ranked journals and FT-listed journals) and undertaking research with real impact on teaching, practice, and dissemination.

• Research management, initiation of research projects, supervision of Ph.D. students, international research co-operation, journal editorship, and/or reviewing for academic journals.

• Academic development of the marketing discipline.

• Research-based teaching, supervision, and examination at all levels.

• Continuous course and program development, as well as innovative new courses and programs.

• Promotion of the Department and CBS’ academic reputation.

• Participation in and possibly initiation of externally funded research projects and the co-ordination of such projects.

• Contribution to the administrative responsibilities of the Department and to CBS-wide tasks.

• Dissemination of research findings to the public in general and to CBS’s stakeholders in particular.

• Active participation in the Department’s regular research activities including seminars, workshops, and conferences.

• Engagement in and contribution to academic citizenship activities.

To fulfill the requirements of this position, the successful candidate is expected to be present physically at the Department on a regular basis and participate actively in the research and teaching activities of the Department, as well as to maintain and establish broad links across CBS and outside CBS (e.g., the business community and international academia).  


The successful candidate must have an international profile with experience from universities and/or business schools, a sustained record of research publications in leading academic journals (e.g., journals at AJG [previously known as ABS] 3 level and also 4/4* level). Publications in journals on the FT 50 list are particularly welcome. We value research that has real impact on (in the cross-disciplinary area of) marketing practice. The successful candidate ideally has experience in research management, as well as successful teaching experience from relevant marketing areas. The successful candidate must be able to provide dynamic leadership in the development of research, teaching, and research dissemination, as well as in working with business and society. The successful candidate is expected to be an active academic citizen.

Furthermore, the successful applicants must document pedagogical qualifications and competences in terms of development and innovation in the pedagogical area of marketing.

The applicants must have professional proficiency in English (written and spoken).

Copenhagen Business School has a strong commitment to excellence, distinctiveness, and relevance of its research and teaching. Candidates, who wish to join us, should demonstrate enthusiasm for working in an organization of this type (highlighting, for example, relevant business, educational, and dissemination activities).

Further information

For further information, please contact Professor Adam Lindgreen, Head of Department of Marketing. Telephone: + 45 3815 2111 and e-mail: adli.marktg@cbs.dk. For information about the Department, please visit: http://www.cbs.dk/en/research/departments-and-centres/department-of-marketing.

Appointment and salary will be in accordance with the Danish Ministry of Finance’s agreement with the Central Academic association.


The application, which must be sent via the electronic recruitment system using the link below, must include:

1. A motivated statement of why the candidate applies for the position.

2. Proof of qualifications (i.e., scanned copies of degree awards) and a full CV.

3. Documentation of relevant, significant, and original research at an international level, including publications in the field’s internationally recognized journals, and the impact that this research has had on education and practice.

4. A complete, numbered list of publications (please follow Journal of Marketing style) with an * indicating those academic publications that the candidate wishes to be considered by the assessment committee. A maximum of 10 publications for review are allowed. Candidates are requested to prioritize their publications in relation to the field of this job advertisement. Also, each publication in the complete list of publications should note the ranking according to the AJG list and, if the publication appears on the FT 50 list, this should be noted, too.

5. Copies of the publications marked with an * should be submitted as PDF files as part of the application. Only publications written in English or one of the Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish) will be taken into consideration.

6. Documentation of teaching qualifications, teaching evaluations (please state the level of each course), and other relevant material for the evaluation of the candidate’s pedagogical level. Candidates should list the areas that they can and will teach.

7. Information indicating experience in research management, especially information about candidates’ involvement in transformational initiatives (within and/or outside their University/School) they previously have participated in.

8. Information indicating industry co-operation and international research co-operation. Furthermore, candidates should discuss the impact on business and society of their research and teaching activities.

9. Information of applications for externally funded projects. Candidates are requested to state their role in each of these projects, whether the project applications were successful or not, and the amount applied for (or actually awarded).

10. Discussion of citizenship activities that candidates have been involved in.

Recruitment process

A shortlisting committee (chaired by the Head of Department) will review the received job applications to determine whether a candidate should be shortlisted for further assessment. Minimum two candidates and, when possible, five or more candidates will be shortlisted. The shortlisted candidates will be notified about the composition of the assessment committee (chaired by a member of the department’s faculty). The committee’s subsequent assessment (which is either ‘qualified for the position’ or ‘not qualified for the position) of each candidate will be submitted to the person in question. Subsequently, the Head of Department will consider the applications from the candidates found qualified for the position and make his recommendation to the Dean of Research as to which candidate is the Department’s preferred candidate. This candidate will be invited for a job interview with the Business School’s interview committee.

Closing date

Copenhagen Business School must receive all application material including all appendices (see items above) by the application deadline of September 1, 2021.

Details about Copenhagen Business School and the Department are available at www.cbs.dk.

 Please visit: https://www.cbs.dk/cbs/jobs-paa-cbs/ledige-stillinger/full-professorship-of-marketing-the-department-of-marketing-copenhagen-business-school-0



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