PhD fellow

Institut for Afsætningsøkonomi


Kontor: SOL/D3.37

Marianne’s research interests revolve around identifying consumers’ mental models and exploring how these models in turn play a role in the consumers’ sense of self and consumption choice. As part of her PhD, she is investigating how Eco tourists conceptualize the meaning of nature vis-a-vis culture. It has been found that women are more connected to nature than men, but here the focus is on understanding what nature exactly means to this segment. The socio-cognitive approach is also used to explore mental models in relation to individuals who live with diabetes and how their mindsets influence the conceptualization of and attitude toward treatment regimes.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Consumer research<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" />
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Qualitative Methods in Marketing and Consumer Research (BA elective in English)
Qualitative Research and Consumer Behavior (online, elective in English)


Bachelor thesis: With a focus on qualitative methods, consumer research, tourism, service management and/or social-cognitive theory.