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Orlov: Retur 01.04.2023
Kontor: SOL/C3.11
E-mail: pw.cse@cbs.dk

Pola holds a BA in International Economics from Warsaw School of Economics and a M.Sc.. in Economics and Business Administration (the Customer and Commercial Development Program) from Copenhagen Business School. Also, she has also completed a minor in Behavioral Neuroscience and Economy minor at Copenhagen Business School.  

Pola's research focuses on customer misbehavior in the sharing economy context. She is part of the research project “The Dark Side of the Sharing Economy” funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. Through the lenses of sharing economy, she investigates how and why customer misbehavior emerges, its determinants, outcomes, moderators, and mediators. Pola's research strongly aligns with her academic interests of consumer behavior, branding and interdisciplinary function of sales and marketing.  

Before starting the Ph.D., Pola worked part-time in business industry holding various organizational, financial, and customer relations roles in different organizations, among others Leo Pharma A/S and TEDxCopenhagen.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Consumer behaviour 
  • Access-based services  
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