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Pico Larsen
PHD, post doc

Kontor: SOL/C3.19
E-mail: hpl.marktg@cbs.dk

Hanne Pico Larsen has a PhD in Folklore from University of California, Berkeley (2006). Her PhD research focused on tourism, themed space-making, and Danishness in the Danish-themed village of Solvang, California. After her dissertation, Hanne held a postdoctoral fellowship and was financed by Svenska Riksbanken, for her project “Nordic Spaces in the North and North America” (2008-2013). Hanne works with international scholars across disciplines on various aspects of Nordicness, as manifested both in the Nordic countries and in the US. Additionally, she was appointed an adjunct professor at Columbia University in New York (2008-2014) where she taught classes in Folklore, Performance, and Scandinavian Crime in Mass Media.

Her current research focuses on consumer culture theory and tourism. Hanne is involved in several projects about storytelling as a tool to strengthen brand biographies, as well as the use of storytelling to create value and expand the consumer experiences with brands.  Hanne is also researching how storytelling can create and expand certain servicescapes, and she is working on Scandinavian island tourism and cosmopolitan space-making at a prominent New York restaurant.  

Primære forskningsområder
  • Consumer Culture Theory (CCT)
  • Storytelling and branding
  • Tourism, experience economy  and servicescapes
  • Folklore, ethnology and qualitative research methods
  • Food anthropology 
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Consumer Culture Theory (CCT)


Bachelor and Master Theses. 

Udvalgte publikationer
  • 2013 “A Windmill and a Vikinghjem: The Importance of Visual Icons as Heritage Tropes among Danish-Americans.” In Performing Nordic Heritage: Everyday Life and Institutional Practices. Eds. Lizette Gradén & Peter Aronsson. London: Ashgate: 73- 98.
  • With Lizette Gradén & Susanne Österlund-Pötzsch: Nordic Spaces in the U.S. Three Examples of the Performance of Nordic-American Identity. In: American Studies in Scandinavia 44:1(67-96).
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  •  “A Ferris Wheel on a Parking lot: Heritage, Tourism, and the Authenticity of Place in Solvang, California.” In Travel, Tourism, Places: Reinvesting Authenticity. Ed. Britta Timm Knudsen. Tourism and Cultural Change Book Series. 
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