Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

Søren Friis
Ekstern lektor
PhD, B.A., MMD

+45 26196693
E-mail: sfm.ioa@cbs.dk

In the midst of a career as manager in the arts and in education, I embarked on a PhD project in the field of Arts Management. I defended my thesis in December 2012 and have since then been engaged with teaching and developing different courses and programs in the field of Arts Management and Cultural Entrepreneurship. I’m particularly interested in processes aimed at changing and reinventing cultural institutions and policies in order to bring about cultural democracy.

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Primære forskningsområder
  • Arts and Culture Management/Leadership
  • Narratives in Organizational Development
  • Cultural Entrepreneurship


Curriculum Vitae
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Arts Management, Foundations in Arts and Culture Management


Andre undervisningsaktiviteter

Line co-ordinator of Arts and Culture Management


Udvalgte publikationer
From Disinterestedness to Engagement: Towards Relational Leadership in the Cultural Sector