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Rikke Kristine
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E-mail: rkn.research@cbs.dk

Rikke Kristine Nielsen, M.Sc., Industrial PhD fellow (April 2011-March 2014) explores the notion of global mindset as a dynamic capability for international strategy execution. Against the backdrop of an intrinsic case study of the strategy execution challenges of the industrial Ph.D. host organization, The Solar Group, Rikke follows the development of a managerial ‘group mindset’ as a collective frame of reference as a driver of international business strategy. The mixed methods research design is inspired by the notion of interactive research and home-culture ethnography placing a premium on creation of actionable practitioner knowledge while at the same time making a theoretical contribution.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Global Mindset                     
  • Dynamic Capabilities
  • Strategy execution               
  • Leadership Development
  • Global Human Resource Management


Curriculum Vitae
Sociale medier
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CM:  “Strategic Human Resource Management”, Human Resource Management -master program (Human Resource Management – MSc in Economics and Business Administration, cand.merc.; Human Resource Management - MSc in Social Science, cand.soc.)


BA:  “Global People Management: Leadership & Human Resource Management” (HE165)

BA: “Human Resource Management from an International Perspective” (HE121)

(BA: “Human Resource Management”, HE158)

(CM: “Human Resource Management”, B84)



Rikke Kristine Nielsen primarily supervise master theses (although bachelor theses are also welcome) on issues related to HRM, leadership and global business. Examples of supervised master theses include:


Kia Øland: Global Talent Management in Novozymes. Department of Organization, CBS, May 2012.

Solveig Andersen & Katrine Louise Been: The Motivation – and Strain Complexity. A Qualitative Study on the Complexity among Knowledge Workers at Implement Consulting Group. Department of Organization, CBS, October 2011.

Amalie Gabriel Jørgensen: Women in Management. Barriers and Factors that Influence Women’s Advancement and Retention in Danske Bank A/S. Department of Organization, CBS, September 2011.

Cathrine Lillevand Svendby: Transferring Meta-Competencies in an Ethiopian Learning Context. Department of Organization, CBS, April 2011.

Peter Hostrup Gøtze Petersen & Martin Sluth: Biorythms and Belbin – trick or treat? Department of Organization, CBS, November 2010.

Anni Bech Sørensen & Jakob Lundvig Færch: Knowledge Workers from Generation Y – Leadership Challenges and Opportunities. Department of Organization, CBS, October 2010.

Louise Gro Hansen & Kirstine Soya Johansen: Det interne employer brand. En teoretisk intern employer brand model til anvendelse i praksis. Department of Organization, CBS, July 2009.


Andre undervisningsaktiviteter

Case author and presenter of Solar A/S case for the mandatory BA-course ”Videnskabsteori”, January 2012 and 2013.

Censor at mandatory CM-course "Managing People in Multinational Corporations".


Udvalgte publikationer
  • Co-Creating Actionable Research. Professional Development Workshop (PDW), Academy of Management annual meeting, Orlando, 2013.
  • Discovering the blue ocean of global mindset. Global Leadership INSIGHT, February 2012. 
  • Privileges and pitfalls of doing research IN and WITH organizations - dilemmas and strategies. Professional Development Workshop (PDW) at the British Academy of Management Annual Meeting, September 2012: Management Research Revisited: Prospects for Theory and Practice, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff, UK.
  • Kompetencespotting i det globale ledelseslandskab. Ledelse I Dag, November 30, 2011.
  • Changing minds - mindset-driven strategic change and executional agility in Solar A/S.  Paper presented at the Danish Academy of Management annual meeting, Copenhagen Business School, December 2011.