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My areas of speciality, which span my publishing career since the 1990s, include political and historical sociology, social and political thought, particularly in respect of power, and governing in liberal democracies, starting with the government of poverty.  More recently I have emphasized problems of sovereignty, and related issues of security, exception and legitimate violence, liberalism authoritarianism, international police and problems of the international order. While Michel Foucault has remained the abiding intellectual influence in my career, I have now engaged extensively with the works of Giorgio Agamben, Carl Schmitt, and numerous other social and political thinkers.

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Primære forskningsområder
  • Public Governance
  • Concepts and signatures of power
  • Governing in liberal democracies
  • Historical and political sociology
  • Sovereignty and states
  • Social, political and critical thought


Sociale medier
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Method and Analytical Strategies II (SOCPKL_PK43.LA)

Power and Communication (SOCPKL_PK07.LA)

Governmentality Paradigms: Diagnosing the Present (Master’s elective)



I am currently supervising three PhD students in Australia at Macquarie and Newcastle Universities: on youth participation and youth councils, international volunteering, and on risk and workplace safety. I have supervised and examined many theses at PhD, Masters, and honours level.  Recent completed research thesis topics include governing women on release from prison, the genealogy of child protection, and the legal governance of the family farm in rural Australia.  I am open to a wide range of PhD topics and perspectives.


Andre undervisningsaktiviteter

PhD Course: Foucault, governmentality and critique: analytical strategies for the critique of power


Udvalgte publikationer
  • Dean, M. (2010) Governmentality: power and rule in modern society, revised 2nd edition. London: Sage.
  • Dean, M. (2011) The Constitution of Poverty: toward a genealogy of liberal governance. Routledge Revivals. First published in 1991. London: Routledge.
  • Dean, M. (2007) Governing Societies: political perspectives on domestic and international rule. Maidenhead: Open University Press
  • Dean, M. (1994) Critical and Effective Histories: Foucault’s methods and historical sociology. London: Routledge.


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Mitchell Dean; Daniel Zamora / Today, the Self is the Battlefield of Politics. Blame Michel Foucault
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