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Tine Walravens

With a background in Chinese and Japanese studies, I am an East Asia scholar with a sociological focus on food, its safety, agriculture and consumption.  In my research, I integrate Food Studies with insights from Political Sociology and Communication Studies, focusing on institutional trust, risk perception and risk communication related to food in Japan, China and the wider East Asian region.

I have published peer-reviewed articles and chapters in this area, specifically dealing with the politics, identities and geographies of food in East Asia. In terms of outreach, I have also provided media commentary, analysis, and translations on political, economic and societal issues related to Japan and China for Flemish public broadcasters and media outlets since 2007.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Institutional trust and risk communication
  • Food governance, public health and agricultural policy in East Asia
  • Food politics and gastrodiplomacy, national cuisines and culinary identities in East Asia 
  • Societal aspects of food biotechnology and genetically engineered food products
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Udvalgte publikationer

2019      ‘Recalibrating risk through media. Two cases of intentional food poisoning in Japan’, Food & Foodways (Forthcoming September 2019).

2017       Feeding Japan: The Cultural and Political Issues of Dependency and Risk. London: Macmillan (co-edited with Andreas Niehaus).

2017       ‘Introduction’, in Niehaus, A., Walravens, T. (eds): Feeding Japan: The Cultural and Political Issues of Dependency and Risk. London: Macmillan.

2017       ‘Chinese Food Threatening the Japanese Table: Changing Perceptions of Imported Chinese Food in Japan’, in Niehaus, A., Walravens, T. (eds): Feeding Japan: The Cultural and Political Issues of Dependency and Risk. London: Macmillan.

2016       ‘Food Safety and Regulatory Change Since the Mad Cow in Japan. Science, Self-Responsibility and Trust’, Contemporary Japan 29, 1.

2016       “Even if it is Just a Little Help for the Victims from the Distant Belgium”: Japanese Nationals in Belgium and the 3/11 Triple Disaster’, in Tagsold, Christian; Niehaus Andreas (ed.): Diaspora and Disaster: Japanese outside Japan and the Triple Catastrophe of March 2011. Düsseldorf: DUP 2015. Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Japanforschung?, Vol. 1. Pp.37-60 (co-authored with Andreas Niehaus).

2015       ‘Homework.  Post-Fukushima Constructions of Furusato: The Case of Japanese Nationals Living in Belgium’, in Klaus Stierstorfer, Florian Kläger (eds), Diasporic Constructions of Home and Belonging, Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter. Pp. 123-146 (co-authored with Andreas Niehaus).

2014       ‘Diversifying narratives: Perceptions of a weak Japan facing a rising China’, in Dessein, B., Ed., Interpreting China as a Regional and Global Power: Nationalism and Historical Consciousness in World Politics, London: Palgrave Macmillan.  Pp. 120-141.

2013       ‘Japan Facing a Rising China: Implications on the Dynamics of Identity Formation.  Food safety as a framework.’, Acta Asiatica Varsoviensia, No. 26, Warsaw: Askon Publishers. Pp. 115-133.


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Tine Walravens / Book Review: Food Safety After Fukushima: Scientific Citizenship and the Politics of Risk
I: Ethnos, Vol. 86, Nr. 1, 2.2021, s. 191-193
Tine Walravens / Radiated Food and Risk Communication in Post-Fukushima Japan
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Konferenceabstrakt i proceedings > peer review
Tine Walravens / Recalibrating Risk through Media : Two Cases of Intentional Food Poisoning in Japan.
I: Food and Foodways, Vol. 27, Nr. 1-2, 2019, s. 74-97
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