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Sina Smid

I am a PhD fellow at the BiS Inequality Platform at CBS. My project focuses on regional development and inequality in Latin America, using quantitative research methods by combining geospatial data, night-time satellite imagery and survey data.

My research interests include development economics, institutions and governance in developing countries, regional development and spatial inequalities.

I have a Msc in International Business and Politics from CBS and previous work experience from policy consulting in North Africa and as a consultant for the World Bank.

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Katharina Haas, Sina Smid in Bamberger, Michael J./Rugh, Jim/Mabry, Linda S.: RealWorld Evaluation: Working Under Budget, Time, Data and Political Constraints. Zeitschrift für Evaluation 2 (12), p. 321.

ESPA Conference. Thu, 24 June 2021.'Local Economic Effects of Morales’ Legacy in Bolivia: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design'.

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Mogens Kamp Justesen; Sigrid Alexandra Koob; Sina Smid / Programmatic Redistribution and Clientelism : Evidence from a Conjoint Survey Experiment in Brazil.
Paper presented at American Political Science Association, APSA Annual Meeting 2021, 2021
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