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Hristova Zaevska

Kontor: POR/24.B-2.86
E-mail: ohz.egb@cbs.dk
I am a Ph.D. fellow at the Department of International Economics, Government and Business at CBS. In my current research, I focus on the design and effectiveness of Industry 4.0 ecosystems, particularly on how different sources of funding impact successful R&D, technological innovation, and adoption within these ecosystems. My research links to the technological change and digital transformation societal challenge the EGB department addresses. I have taught mixed-method research design and advanced methods in problem-solving. I spend part of my fellowship at the Politecnico di Milano School of Management.

Before joining CBS, I worked for the Government of North Macedonia as an advisor on international economy, FDIs, and green finance and was a board member of the Free Economic Zones. I have also consulted for EBDR, FAO, PwC, GiZ, and various private firms.
Primære forskningsområder

Industry 4.0 ecosystems

Financing innovation

Industrial policy

State aid

ESG investment

Sociale medier
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  • Advanced Methods and problem Solving in International Business and Politics (MSc)
  • Research Methods I: Qualitative Methods (BSc)
  •  2 Year Project – IB in Asia (BSc)

I am available for supervision.

I have supervised Bachelor level theses in international business related to market expansion, internationalization, and start-up growth, with an industry focus on manufacturing, electric vehicles, pharmaceuticals, and skincare.

Publikationer sorteret efter:
Olimpija Hristova Zaevska; Lucia Piscitello / The Impact of Industry 4.0 Ecosystems on European Regional Innovativeness
Paper presented at DRUID23 Conference, 2023
Paper > peer review

2022 - Smart specialization strategy for North Macedonia - advising, German Development Cooperation GIZ Skopje Office
2023 - No outside activities to report