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Kontor: POR/24.A-3.60

I have a double bachelor's in Southeast Asian Studies/Chinese and English from the University of Göttingen where I graduated with the highest honors, a Master's in International Management (CEMS) from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and a bilingual (Chinese/English) M.Sc. in Business Administration from Tsinghua University. 

My research aims at deciphering the patterns, dynamics, drivers and effects of artificial intelligence development specific to China. Currently, my primary focus is a  project entitled “The Chinese Model of State-led Development of Artificial Intelligence Technologies” within the scope of the project “Artificial Intelligence in China – Data, Methods and Sector Applications” at the Sino-Danish Center (SDC), which forms part of the Innovation Management project group. I contribute to the corresponding SDC Research project by improving knowledge about the nature of Chinese innovation policies related to the governance of AI, as well as the role played by private sector enterprises in establishing AI ecosystems that stimulate the diffusion of AI technologies. Furthermore, I am also part of the European PhD Network on the “Economics of Innovation, AI and Data Science Applications”. 

I serve as the PhD Representative of the Department of International Economics, Government and Business, where I work closely together with the PhD coordinator Edward Ashbee. 

Personally, I am very passionate about language acquisition. Apart from German and English, I speak various languages — including Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Spanish, Japanese and Danish  — and I am currently learning Portuguese. I am always open for discussions regarding language use in international business.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Chinese Innovation Policies & Governance of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • China’s Evolving Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • Innovation Management
Sociale medier
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MSc Innovation Management (SDC) Innovation Systems and Government-Business Relations


I supervise research based projects or MSc theses in my research areas for students from both SDC social science teaching programmes—i.e. MSc Innovation Management (IM) as well as Public Management and Social Development (PMSD).


No outside activities to report