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Thomas Rønde holds a professorship in innovation and entrepreneurship. He did his Ph.D. at University Pompeu Fabra (Spain) in 1999 and has previously held positions at University of Copenhagen and University of Mannheim.  His primary research interests are innovation, organizational economics, and competition policy. Thomas Rønde has published in leading field journals across various fields like Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of International Economics, Journal of Urban Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Management Science, and Review of Financial Studies. He is Ph.D. coordinator at INO and is Chief Economist at the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Industrial organization and competition policy
  • R&D competition and management of technology
Link til denne hjemmeside
  • Industrial Organization (HA(mat.))
  • Konkurrenceret og Industriøkonomi (HA(jur.))
Udvalgte publikationer
  • Fosfuri, A., M. Motta, and T. Rønde: Foreign Direct Investments and Spillovers through Workers’ Mobility. In: Journal of International Economics, February 2001, 53, p. 205-222.
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  • Kaiser, U., H.C. Kongsted, and T. Rønde: Does the mobility of R&D labor increase innovation? In: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, February 2015, 110, p. 91–105.
Publikationer & formidling
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Konferencebidrag i proceedings
Heiko Gerlach; Thomas Rønde; Konrad Stahl / Labor Pooling in R&D Intensive Industries
I: Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 65, Nr. 1, 2009, s. 99-111
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