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Ramona Westermann is an Assistant Professor in Finance at Copenhagen Business School. She holds a PhD from the University of Geneva and the Swiss Finance Institute. Her main research interest is corporate finance, in particular the usage of structural models and their applications such as credit risk. In one of her current projects, Ramona investigates the effects of manager-shareholder agency conflicts on corporate policies in a structural model with intertemporal macroeconomic risk.

Primære forskningsområder

Corporate Finance

Structural Models

Agency Conflicts

Credit Risk


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Corporate Finance, Fall 2013/2014

Udvalgte publikationer

"Growth options, macroeconomic conditions, and the cross section of credit risk”, with M. Arnold and A.F. Wagner, 2013, Journal of Financial Economics, 107, 350–385.

Publikationer sorteret efter:
Jens Dick-Nielsen; Kristian R. Miltersen; Ramona Westermann / The Tax Asymmetry Motive to Hold Corporate Cash
Paper presented at European Financial Management Association 2019 Annual Meetings, 2019
Paper > peer review
Ramona Westermann / Measuring Agency Costs over the Business Cycle
I: Management Science, Vol. 64, Nr. 12, 12.2018, s. 5748-5768
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Marc Arnold; Ramona Westermann / The Impact of Renegotiable Debt on Firms
Paper presented at The 16th International Paris December Finance Meeting, 2018
Paper > peer review
Marc Arnold; Ramona Westermann / Creditor Governance and Corporate Policies : The Role of Debt Covenant Renegotiations.
Paper presented at The 28th Annual Conference of the Northern Finance Association. NFA 2016, 2016
Paper > peer review
Marc Arnold; Ramona Westermann / Debt Covenant Renegotiation and Investment
St. Gallen : Universität St. Gallen 2015, 48 s. (SOF Working Paper, Nr. 2015/14)
Working paper
Marc Arnold; Alexander F. Wagner; Ramona Westermann / Growth Options, Macroeconomic Conditions, and the Cross Section of Credit Risk
I: Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 107, Nr. 2, 2.2013, s. 350–385
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review