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Linda Sandris

Kontor: SOL/A5.07

My main research area is dynamic asset allocation. That is, I determine the optimal investment strategy in different financial assets like stocks, bonds, and derivatives over the life-cycle of the investor. Also, I am involved in several projects where we investigate the relationship between the mortgage choice of households and the households' other financial decisions regarding savings, investments, and consumption. Finally, I have some projects in which we investigate the effect of model- and parameter uncertainty on the optimal investment strategy.

I am a board member of Sydinvest (a Danish mutual fund) and a member of the working group on equal competition between banks and mortgage institutions appointed by the Ministry of Business and Growth.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Asset Allocation
  • Household Finance
  • Mortgage choice
  • Model and parameter uncertainty
  • Asset Pricing


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Udvalgte publikationer
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  • Optimal Investment Strategies in an International Economy with Stochastic Interest Rates. International Review of Economics and Finance 19 (1), pp. 145-165, 2010
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Nicole Branger; Linda Sandris Larsen; Claus Munk / Hedging Recessions
Paper presented at Midwest Finance Association 2019 Annual Meeting , 2019
Paper > peer review
Nicole Branger; Linda Sandris Larsen; Claus Munk / Hedging Recessions
Paper presented at 25th Annual Meeting of the German Finance Association. DGF 2018, 2018
Paper > peer review
Faglige interesser

  • Boardmember at Sydinvest
  • Censor
  • External assessment committee member at PhD thesis
  • External assessment committee member at academic positions at other universities