The European Union confronts expanded inequalities across a range of areas from gender, to generational, wealth, mobility and opportunity. One underlying factor common to these expanded inequalities is deficiencies in fiscal systems. The ‘Combatting Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators’ (COFFERS) project seeks to redress these deficiencies as policy innovation at national, regional and international levels undergoes a period of accelerated development. The consortium identifies deficiencies and opportunities for upgrading in tax law, tax policy development, tax administration and enforcement at the EU level and across Member States. We track the tax gap and regulatory innovation. We trace how expert networks, jurisdictions and taxpayers adapt to and negotiate rapid evolutionary change. We transmit forward looking risk assessment and policy advice to intervene in that evolutionary process.

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Associate professor Duncan Wigan

Professor Leonard Seabrooke

Associate professor Brooke Harrington

PhD Rasmus Corlin Christensen

Head of Administration Bo Bøgeskov

Research support officer Lonni Nielsen

COFFERS by Horizon 2020

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