Questioning Finance After the Crisis

Raising the question of change

Onsdag, 9 april, 2014 - 15:00 to 17:00

Raising the question of change

9th of April, 15-17.00, Kilen Ks54

To celebrate the publication of the recent special issue of POLITIK addressing global finance after the crisis, we invite you to join us for a symposium. The symposium brings together contributors to the special issue, practitioners and regulators to discuss the politics of finance.

As the debris begins to settle in the wake of the financial implosion, it is time to raise the question of change. The political economy of global finance is not at a standstill. New actors emerge and new practices take on heightened significance. Ameliorative regulation is designed but with perhaps unintended consequences. To steal a phrase, the music did stop but the dance goes on.

This symposium seeks to open up debate as to the overall direction of travel.

It draws out the implications of regulation in the form of:

  • The financial transactions tax for the social utility of the financial system.
  • Newly empowered actors in the form of central banks and credit risk rating
    service providers for assessing trajectory.
  • Newly considered significant aspects of old markets in the form of fiscal
    arbitrage via financial derivatives for the state.


Assistant Professor Duncan Wigan, DBP

Professor Grahame Thompson, DBP

Benny Engelbrecht, MP, Spokesperson on Trade & Industry, Social Democratic Party

Professor Photis Lysandrou, City University London

Lisbeth Bech Poulsen, MP, Spokesperson on European Affairs, Environmental Policy Fiscal Affairs &, Socialist People’s Party


Associate Professor Jeppe Strandsbjerg, DBP

We welcome all to the debate and look forward to making a start on identifying finance after the crisis.


Organized by Department of Business and Politics & DJØF

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