PhD defence: Brett Crawford

Revisiting the Phenomenon of Interests in Organizational Institutionalism - The Case of U.S. Chambers of Commerce

Fredag, 15 juni, 2012 - 13:00 to 15:00

In order to obtain the PhD degree Brett Crawford has submitted his PhD thesis.

The phenomenon of interests represents a key construct within the organizational institutionalism perspective, however, interests are depicted in diverse and thus, confusing ways.  If we wish to better understand both institutions as dynamic social structures and the organizations embedded within those institutions, we must pay attention to interests and the roles that interests play in institutional life.

This thesis aimed to revisit the phenomenon of interests by exploring U.S. chambers of commerce – indeed, an institution where capitalists, who are normatively coordinated through market competition, organize to collaboratively pursue the unified interests of chambers of commerce.

The thesis contributes to theoretical discussions of interests as well as illustrating the dynamism and importance of the institution of chambers of commerce.


Professor Peer Hull Kristensen

Department of Business and Politics

Copenhagen Business School

Professor Roy Suddaby

University of Alberta

Alberta School of Business

Professor John Branch

Michigan University

Stephen M. Ross School of Business

Assessment Committee:

Professor Ann Westenholz (Chair)

Department of Organization

Copenhagen Business School

Professor John Meyer

Stanford University

Professor Haldor Byrkjeflot

Oslo University

Everyone is welcome to attend the defence, which will take place in English.

The defence will be followed by a reception in Kilen, ground floor.

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