CfP- AGORA IV: ‘Emergent Ideas in the International Political Economy’

Copenhagen, December 6-7 2012

Torsdag, 6 december, 2012 - 08:00 to Fredag, 7 december, 2012 - 17:00

Workshop - CfP- AGORA IV: ‘Emergent Ideas in the International Political Economy’, Copenhagen, December 6-7 2012

Workshop Theme

Debating whether ideas or interest matters has become old hat in the field of International Political Economy (IPE). Scholars developing work on ideational change and the role of norms and habit have argued for some time now that interests are ideas. This work has taken different forms, such as ‘agent-centered constructivism’, sociological institutionalism, discursive institutionalism, everyday IPE, critical realism, as well as scholars applying work from Bourdieu, Foucault, Gramsci, and Latour. The AGORA IV workshop provides a forum for stocktaking and moving forward with constructivist, critical, and post-structuralist IPE scholarship on ideational change. In particular, the workshop welcomes papers that study ideational emergence as a subject of investigation to unravel socio-economic and political change, be it at domestic, regional, international or transnational levels.


AGORA IV will be held at the Department of Business and Politics at the Copenhagen Business School on December 6 and 7 2012. The workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 presenters and is intended to be an interactive and friendly environment in which participants will receive constructive feedback on their work. We especially encourage proposals that are related to article-length or book-length scholarly research projects. The workshop will dedicate one hour to each participant's work: 5 minutes for presentation, 10 minutes of presentation of the argument by a discussant, and 10 minutes of critical engagement by a second discussant. The rest of the time is for Q&A.


AGORA is a worldwide network of scholarly institutes dedicated to the development of cutting-edge conceptual and policy-relevant work on pressing global governance issues. It is co-sponsored by Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia), the Copenhagen Business School (Copenhagen, Denmark) the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (Oslo, Norway), the Watson Institute at Brown University (Providence, Rhode Island , USA) and the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security & Law at the University of Texas (Austin, Texas , USA).

Application process

Proposals should be no more than one page and are due by September 10. Please include a brief CV attached to your 2-page proposal. Decisions will be made by September 24 and applicants will be notified by email. Please send applications to both Leonard Seabrooke – and Jason Sharman  -

Funding for travel/accomodation

Participants’ hotel costs and one dinner will be covered. Limited travel grants will be provided for non-AGORA paper givers to fly return to Copenhagen.

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