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In my research I investigate the relationship between use and values. The purpose of the project is to understand how cultural, social and economic values are created in second hand markets, in order to facilitate a rethinking about value creation in the contemporary cultural economy. The project explores a growing market that is driven by aesthetics, concerns about sustainability as well as economic constraints, and challenges the tendency to exclude pre-used objects from conventional cultural industries. By contributing to a deepened understanding of the aspects of the industry not directly involved in production, the project  creates new knowledge of alternative business practices valuable in the change towards greater sustainability in the markets for cultural products. The project is carried out by following used products through collecting, sorting and reselling in charitable and private organizations and applies ethnographic methods and organizational and cultural analysis.

I am also the managing editor of the Journal of Business Anthropology. www.cbs.dk/jba

Primære forskningsområder
  • Recycling
  • Concepts of value
  • Cultural Industries
  • Fashion
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Udvalgte publikationer
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Publikationer sorteret efter:
Frederik Larsen / Objects and Social Actions : On Second-hand Valuation Practices.
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Frederik Larsen / Withdrawn Objects and Social Action : On Practices of Valuation in Secondhand Markets.
Paper presented at The American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting 2014, 2014
Paper > peer review
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Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
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Working paper
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Working paper
Fabian Csaba; Frederik Larsen / The Role of Fairs in the Development and Division of Fields : CPH Kids and Danish Children's Fashion.
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Working paper