Yvette Lind accepted invitation to be Global Horizon Junior Research Fellow in 2022

Yvette Lind

Assistant Professor Yvette Lind has accepted an invitation to be the Global Horizon Junior Research Fellow in 2022. She will be spending the fall of 2022 in Uppsala at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies researching global governance issues when working on her (Tax)Citizen of the World project. The Collegium offers a multidisciplinary research environment by inviting international research fellows within humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. It is a scholarly community where Fellows pursue research of their own choosing in a context of interdisciplinary dialogue and cooperation. Since its foundation in 1985, it strives to protect and nurture independent inquiry, collaborative, and deep thinking, and to emphasize the importance of academic freedom worldwide. Governmental support and support from major research foundations allow the invited Fellows to freely decide on their study and to engage in focused research. More information about the Collegium and the Fellowship may be found here: SCAS: Academic Life (swedishcollegium.se)

Sidst opdateret: CBS LAW // 29/11/2021