Vishv Priya Kohli took part as a legal expert in a GDPR research conference at SDU


Assistant Professor Vishv Priya Kohli was invited to be part of the group of experts at a conference organized at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) on November 15 2021.

The conference was a joint initiative of SDU, Aarhus University, Rockwoolfonden and The Coordinating Body for Maintaining Research Registry (Det Koodinerende Organ for Registerforskning (KOR)).

The conference dealt with crucial issues of relevance pertaining to the GDPR for researchers. Held in Danish, the conference brought together practitioners and researchers from SDU, AU, CBS, Aalborg University, University of Copenhagen and Rockwool foundation. The members of the expert group (Prof. Kent Kristensen, Associate Professor Ayo Næsborg-Andersen and Assistant Professor Jøren Ullitis Olai Nielsen and Assistant Professor Vishv Priya Kohli) covered important aspects of the GDPR, which are necessary to deal with, while conducting research, using data and entering joint research projects with researchers from abroad. Priya’s presentation addressed specifically issues relating to ‘Transfer of personal data to third countries’.

Sidst opdateret: CBS LAW // 18/11/2021