Vishv Priya Kohli and Henrik Andersen have both published articles in VIT Law Review


Assistant Professor Vishv Priya Kohli and Associate Professor Henrik Andersen have both published articles in Vellore Institute of Technology's VIT Law Review (Vol. 2, Issue 2, 2020.).
Vishv Priya Kohlis article is titled ’Globalisation and FRAND – IP & Competition Law Perspective’ and addresses the status of regulation of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) in the era of globalization as well as the diversity of ways in which FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) principles are being applied internationally. Specifically, the article looks into recent case law examples both within the EU and the US and analyses the way in which FRAND terms are being interpreted in the jurisdictions.
Henrik Andersens article is titled ‘Price Strategies of Intellectual Property Rights Holders of Technology Products and Antidumping Policies: The Legal Risks of Price Discrimination beyond Competition Law’ and addresses the importance of taking anti-dumping law into account for intellectual rights holders of technology products in their pricing strategies as anti-dumping law goes beyond the limits of pricing conduct in competition law. The article concludes that, by ignoring antidumping law in the pricing strategies, the intellectual rights holders may face unanticipated antidumping duties on their exports even if they comply with competition law.
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