The Annual CBS International Tax Conference of 2022

On 23 November, CBS LAW hosted the Annual CBS International Tax Conference of 2022. The title of this year’s conference was “Cross-Border Issues of Tax Policies Preventing Climate Change”. The aim of the conference was to bring together scholars, economists, and lawyers to promote a holistic discussion on climate change, tax law, and tax policy.
The conference was prepared by External Lecturer Jeroen Lammers and chaired by Professor WSR Peter Koerver Schmidt . A big thank you to all the participants as well as external speakers: Marilyne Sadowsky, Tarcísio Diniz Magalhães, Kurt Van Dender, Anna Theeuwes, Lars Gårn Hansen and Niels Kleis Frederiksen for contributing to the success of the conference and to the Nordic Tax Research Council for the financial support.


Sidst opdateret: CBS LAW // 24/11/2022