In memory of Ole Lando

CBS LAW Conference Friday October 25, 2019, 10 am - 5.30 pm at Porcelænshaven 22 (PHRs20)

Fredag, 25 oktober, 2019 - 10:00 to 17:30

Ole Lando passed away on April 6. He worked at Copenhagen Business School for nearly fifty years, during which time he achieved some of the highest honors of the academic legal profession. His work has deeply influenced legal scholarship in the field of contract law, mainly through the Principles of European Contract Law, a collaborative effort of leading European legal scholars sometimes referred to as the Lando Commission.

With this conference Copenhagen Business School, and in particular CBS LAW, wishes to honor his memory and legacy.

The conference will begin with the first Ole Lando Lecture by Professor emeritus Hugh Beale, Warwick University, followed by three sessions with invited speakers. Each session deals with a topic central to Ole’s work, respectively European Principles of Contract Law, the Nordic Restatement of Contract Law, which Ole initiated, and Private International Law, the topic of Ole’s doctoral thesis. The presentations will be followed by a general discussion.

Practical details:

There will be a conference dinner on the evening before the conference, i.e. on October 24, at 6.30 pm. For non-speakers wishing to attend the dinner, the fee is 100 Euro or 750 kr., which is to be paid into this account:

Danske Bank
Reg: 4183 Account: 60086710
IBAN: DK8202164069033504

Please mark payment with your name.

There is no conference fee.

Please register for the dinner and/or to the conference by sending an e-mail marked Ole Lando conference to Those who sign up will receive information about the venue for the dinner (the location depends on numbers). Please do so before October 1.


10 am - 10.10 am: Welcome and introduction by head of CBS LAW, Associate Professor Andrej Savin

10.10 am - 11 am: The Ole Lando Lecture
Professor Emeritus Hugh Beale, Warwick University: Transnational contract law:  Lando’s contribution and the way forward

11.15 am - 12.30 pm: Session on the future of European contract law:

1.     Professor Reinhard Zimmermann, co-Director of the Max-Planck Institute in Hamburg: PECL as Foundation of a European Contract Law
2.     Professor Karin Sein of the University of Tartu: The future for consumer law
3.     Professor Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson, Conseillère d’Etat: PECL as a model for domestic law reform
4.     Professor Matthias Storme, University of Leuven: Ole Lando’s method of working

Chair: Professor Christian von Bar, University of Osnabrück

12.30 pm - 13.30 pm: Lunch

13.30 pm - 14.45 pm: Session on the Nordic Restatement and in particular on modification due to unreasonableness in Nordic commercial contract law:

1.      Professor Torgny Håstad, Uppsala University: On the Nordic Restatement project
2.      Professor Kim Østergård, Copenhagen Business School: The Danish Application of §36
3.      Professor Hilde Hauge, Bergen University: The Norwegian Application of §36  
4.      Professor Torgny Håstad, Uppsala University: The Swedish Application of §36

Chair: Professor Berte-Elen Konow, University of Bergen

14.45  pm - 15.15 pm: Coffee break

15.15 pm - 16.30 pm: Session on private international Law:

1.     Professor Oliver Remien, Würzburg University: Commercial Agents, the EU-directive, and European Private International Law
2.     Professor Kurt Siehr, Max Planck, Hamburg: Mandatory Rules of Third States – From Ole Lando to European PIL of Today
3.     Professor Peter Arnt Nielsen, Copenhagen Business School: Ole Lando and Choice of Law for Contracts

Chair: Professor Peter Arnt Nielsen, Copenhagen Business School

16.30 pm - 17.30 pm: Cocktails

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