Book launch and seminar on the regulation of data-driven marketing

The Business in Democracy Initiative (BiDEM) and CBS LAW (MPP) will in collaboration with the CBS Digital Transformation Platform and the Danish Association for Marketing Law host the book launch and seminar on the regulation of data-driven marketing at PHRs20 Porcelænshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg, on the 18 MARCH 2022, 13.00-16.30.

Fredag, 18 marts, 2022 - 13:00 to 16:30


CBS Law Professor Jan Trzaskowski has just published the book ‘YOUR PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT TO US! – Restoring Human Dignity in Data-Driven Marketing’ that explores the application of EU consumer law—including data protection law and other fundamental rights—to data-driven business models that infringe on human agency, social cohesion and democratic debate.

The aim of this event is to present and discuss the findings of the book, including the potential for cross-fertilisation between data protection law, marketing law and fundamental rights. The book suggests how our current legal framework can be informed by psychological, technological and societal perspectives to curb predatory business models of surveillance capitalism.

In the book, the author argues that ‘paying with personal data’ is a misleading framing when, in fact, we pay with attention and agency—which are both scarcer and more precious than personal data and are also important in social and societal contexts. A three-tiered model of information asymmetry is introduced to illustrate why information does not ensure transparency, which is a prerequisite for user empowerment.


  • Professor, Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz, European University Institute, Florence
  • Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. Eric K. Clemons, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Professor, Ph.D. Andrej Savin, CBS LAW, Copenhagen Business School
  • Professor, Ph.D. Jan Trzaskowski, CBS LAW, Copenhagen Business School


13:00–13:15 Welcome
Andrej Savin, Director of CBS LAW and Professor, Ph.D., Copenhagen Business School

13:15–14:00 Understanding and regulating data-driven marketing 
Jan Trzaskowski, Professor, Ph.D., Copenhagen Business School

14:00–14:30 Comments and discussions​​​​​​​
Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz, European University Institute, Florence

14:30–14:45 Break

14:45–15:15 Comments and discussions​​​​​​​
Eric K. Clemons, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

15:15–15:45 Open discussion

15:45–16:30 Reception


How to sign up:

Please sign up here. At this sign-up page, you can read more about the conference and the speakers

The deadline for signing up is: 13th of march 2022.

The participation is free for all.

On request, course diplomas can be issued to the participants.
Please contact Louise Rasmussen by email ( no later than one week prior to the conference.

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