• Partner: Isabel Froes
  • Participant: Efthymios Altsitsiadis

Closing the gap between fork and farm for circular nutrient flows (P2Green)


P2GreeN will foster a paradigm shift, from a linearly organised resource and nutrient system within the agri-food supply chain, towards a circular material flow system between urban and rural areas thereby restoring the coupling of the water-agri-food system using a holistic symbiotic resource management approach following the 3R principle “Reduce, Reuse, Recover”. P2GreeN willtherefore develop new circular governance solutions for the transition from fork to farm to halt and eliminate N & P pollution by connecting blue urban with green rural infrastructure, focussing on circular nutrient flows of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). This will be done trough implementation and demonstration of innovative N & P recovery solutions for the utilisation of human sanitarywaste from urban settlements and its conversion into safe bio-based fertilisers for agricultural production in three pilot regions (P2GreeN pilot regions) on a north-south trajectory from the Baltic Sea region via the metropolitan area of Hamburg-Hannover to the region of Axarquia in Southern Spain. This approach will be extended to follower region in Italy, France, Greece and Hungary




Horizon Europe


Department of Management, Society and Communication


Agrathaer GMBH, Leibniz-Institut für Gemüse- und Zierpflanzenbau, Commune de Paris, University College Dublin, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Natural Resources Institute Finland, National University of Ireland, Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas, , C.I.P. Citizens in Power, ecovillage hannover eG, Goldeimer gemeinnützige GmbH, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Europasekretariat ICLEI GmbH, Cetaqua Andalucía, SUN Chemicals Services, IRIDRA, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, CERS-KRTK, HafenCity Universität Hamburg , Sustchem Technical Consulting, Transition ApS, Triodos Bank N.V, Deutschland, Moverim Consulting, TROPS, AgriSmart data, Touch Down Gotland AB, Sanitation360 AB, Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Cpsta del Sol-Axarquia, Gotlands Bryggeri AB, VunaNexus







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