Faculty development report on responsible management education launched


So far, the primary focus in the PRME community has been on curriculum development and student engagement. However, in order to live up to its commitment, PRME signatory schools need a corps of faculty that possess the skills and competencies required to implement the principles of PRME in the classroom. This report argues that formal faculty development activities are necessary in order to achieve that outcome.


FD reportThis report was prepared at the request of the PRME Secretariat on behalf of the presidents of CBS, IILM, and Babson by Kai Hockerts (CBS), Pernille Borgbo (CBS), Tiina Srkoc (CBS), Elizabeth Swanson Goldberg (Babson), and Rakesh Chaudry (IILM).

The report is based on a survey responded to by 171 people from 146 PRME schools worldwide. We gratefully acknowledge the support from all members of the PRME Champions sub-group on faculty development, as well as from the respondents to our survey, Merrill Csuri, and the PRME Secretariat.

The report was presented at the 2015 PRME Global Forum in New York late June 2015.

Download the report by clicking on the picture.

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