If you have previously passed courses at CBS, or another university, and would like to apply for transfer to a different programme at CBS, then please read here.



If you are currently enrolled in a programme and have already passed many of the courses and you would like to transfer over to the 2nd year of another academically related degree programme at CBS, you can consider applying for transfer.

How to apply for transfer:

  • Bachelor: Apply via by 15th March for study start 1st September.
  • Graduate: Apply via the Application Portal by 1st March for study start 1st September.
  • Remember that all the formalities of the application process must be adhered to.
  • Check that you fulfil the current entry requirements (bachelor and graduate) for the programme. These must be fulfilled at the time of application.
  • Check that you have passed the 1st year of the programme’s current curriculum in the programme Rules and Regulations.
  • Fill out an Fileapplication form and upload it together with your application to (for bachelor) or the Application Portal (for graduate).
  • Scan your documents (entry requirements, grade transcript of completed courses, registration of current courses, course descriptions for completed and current courses and application form) and upload them to your application at (for bachelor) or the Application Portal (for graduate).
  • Send an email to to inform us that you have applied for transfer.



  • You will receive an answer to your application as soon as possible after the application deadline.
  • If you fulfil the entry requirements, have minimum 60 ECTS-points that match the CBS curriculum and your application is accepted, you will be directly enrolled to the 2nd year as per semester start 1st September.
  • If your application is rejected, it will go on to be processed in the general application round for admission. If you are offered a study spot in the general application round, your previously passed courses will be assessed for credit transfer.

The conditions for transfer are:

  1. You are currently enrolled as an active student in the programme from which you want to transfer.
  2. You adhere to the formalities surrounding the application (deadlines, documentation etc.); please note that if you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, you are to follow the general rules concerning payment of application fee and tuition fees.
  3. You fulfil all the entry requirements for the degree programme at the time of application.
  4. You have passed all the courses that are the equivalent of the 1st year (minimum 60 ECTS-points) of the degree programme in which you wish to be enrolled at the time of application: 15th March (bachelor) or 1st March (graduate).
  5. There are available places in the 2nd year of the degree programme (if there are available places but the number of applicants that fulfil the previous three requirements outnumber the places available, then only a certain number of applicants will be selected).

Please be aware of the following:

  • You may only apply for transfer to one programme/concentration.
  • Transfer is only once a year, application deadline 15th March (bachelor) or 1st March (graduate) for study start 1st September.
  • If you have not passed the first year due to unforeseen circumstances, you can apply for an exemption from this rule. Exemptions are rarely granted and only in extreme circumstances, such as serious illness. Please remember to include documentation.
  • When comparing your courses to the CBS 1st year courses of the relevant programme/concentration, pay special attention to the number of ECTS-points for each course and the course contents.
  • Bear in mind that it can be very difficult to find an exact match between the curriculum of your current programme and the CBS programme. You therefore run the risk of extending the time it takes to complete a bachelor/graduate degree if your application for transfer is successful and you switch from a different university to CBS.
  • If your application for transfer is approved and you are currently receiving SU, you must contact to ask about any possible consequences of your transfer to CBS.

If you have any questions, please email


Changing from the part time to the full time graduate programmes (only for newly and currently enrolled CBS students):

  • If you want to transfer between the part time and full time graduate programmes, or vice versa, please send an email to:


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