Towards a new business ethics

April 18, 9.00-10.00, CBS Kilen

The climate crises not only challenges the environment. It also challenges our fundamental understanding of ‘man’ as the center of the world – also called the Anthropocene period. When we put the planet and its resources as the center, humans become visitors or participants, who must behave accordingly. In the panel, we discuss how companies and decision makers can start to embrace these perspectives, which will fundamentally change the business ethics of tomorrow. Given that these changes will impact the life of the individual, we also discuss the role of the citizen, student, practitioner and leader in this new ethos.


  • Associate Professor Rasmus Johnsen


  • Professor Emeritus, Steen Hildebrandt
  • Christian Dietrichsen, Center for Væredygtighed
  • Niels Fibæk-Jensen, Matter


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