YES or NO? EU2015 debate at CBS


CBS launches the debate on a yes or a no vote to the EU referendum with a visit from all the political parties in the Danish government Tuesday 17 November. Leading experts on the opt-in system and opt-outs will shed light on the various consequences.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Take advantage of an extra opportunity to gain insight into the possible implications of the EU referendum on 3 December when CBS opens its doors to both a heated political debate and a session that will allow voters a chance to learn in-depth wonky details about the opt-in system and opt-outs.

Spokespersons from all of the political parties in the Danish government will participate in a panel debate with the Danish Minister for Justice Søren Pind (V) on the CBS campus near Flintholm Station. Journalist Martin Krasnik will lead the debate. 

Before the political debate begins, experts will provide an informative analysis of the implications of the oft-overlooked opt-outs. What are the pros and cons for the business community when, for example, a court battle rages? What are the consequences for private citizens who, for instance, want to divorce or divide their inheritance? Leading British and Danish experts will also cast light on the available opt-in system – What exactly is it and what is its implications?

CEO of the Confederation of Danish Industry Karsten Dybvad will also participate with a presentation on how businesses view the EU referendum.

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