Trade crisis - find an CBS expert


The stage is set for a prolonged trade war after USA has imposed extra duty on goods such as steel from China. Find an expert from CBS who can comment on the consequences this may have for Europe’s economy, free trade as well as Danish and Chinese companies.

Trade crisis - find a CBS expert
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Contact information: +4538153374 - 
Research areas: Political economy of trade, global values chains, trade competitiveness, place based trade policies, FDI, technology transfers and innovations

Contact information: +4538152621 – 
Research areas: China’s use of Industrial Policy in order to speed up innovation in strategic emerging industries. Furthermore focus on the strategic industries of Next Generation IT (hereunder Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing and AL) along with Electric Vehicles 

Contact information: +45383073 – 
Research areas: Concentrate on the making of US policy of the politics of the Trump administration 
(Edward Ashbee is in the US from Monday March 26 to Monday April 9)

Contact information: +4538153145 –
Research areas: The politics of international trade, US trade policy (note: not the economic consequences of tariffs and trade wars)

Contact information: +4538155758
Research areas: China studies and have an expertise of the most areas hereunder: politic, economic, international trade etc
Contact information: +38153395 –
Research areas: Chinese trade practices, Chinese state-capitalism (subsidies, industrial policy). Foreign companies in China 

Contact information: +4538153539 –
Research areas: Andreas Møller Mulvad answer questions regarding the Chinese government’s thoughts about the ‘trade war’, how Trump’s reaction affects the power struggle about becoming the dominant power of the world, what the political and social consequences of the trade war impact the Chinese society
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